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Welcome to my site my goal is to make a poetry blog that shows different styles and lets people share their experiences with poetry

Latest from the Blog

  • Start somewhere
    Starting is the hardest part. It feels like getting ready to jump off the town dock into the ocean. You know how it’s going to feel; shockingly cold, refreshing, wet. Yet, it’s tense. Hot skin, summer day, got to do it. Your buddy goes first. It’s your first time this year. The Maine ocean isContinue reading “Start somewhere”
  • What Does Poetry Mean To You?
    My 5th grade teacher covered writing poetry and taught me to be a writer. I learned I can express my innermost thoughts by penning or typing systematically in centered format straight down a page. When I got to the bottom of my piece there lay the bones of a poem, and not just some randomContinue reading “What Does Poetry Mean To You?”

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